maximum VRAM for G80 ...? Quadro FX 5600 has 1.5 gigabyte !

Hi, I’m always interested in what the future might bring. Yesterday the newest high end Quadros where presented and I was pleased to hear that the big iron QuadroFX 5600 has 1.5 GB VRAM. I think it’s important for many CUDA applications to get enough mem space on the device (and may have some left for 3D graphics :whistling: ).

So CUDA programming guide was wrong, when it said (in the tech specs chapter) that G80 is limited to 1GB. Or do they use bank switching ;)

BTW: yesterday’s internet presentation gave me a weird feeling: it was like listening to longwave AM radio while looking at Powerpoint slides. Never knew who is talking. I tried to ask some (nasty) questions about CUDA per text terminal but all I got was some “RTFM or ask at the forums!”. I already read the manual so I keep on asking here at the CUDA forums B)

At the time that the programming guide was written & released, 1GB was the largest commercially available VRAM for a G80 based card.