Maybe not right place but please check the question - 3d Nvidia

Hi ,

I hope i am in the right place cause i sincerly don’t know where else where i could go to ask this.

Since nvidia 3d appeared i keep thinking about starting project of video streaming 3d .You think this is possible ?And if yes in what language or what soft should be used to create this ?CUDA is the answer ?Or a combination of software?

I can give more details about the subject but most probably a few words from some experts would be enough to know if there is a sense to start searching for right people to do this.

Thank you

I think you’ll have to explain what you’re referring to by 3D NVIDIA.
NVIDIA graphics cards ability to accelerate 3D graphics? OpenGL/DirectX?

And, by streaming 3D, you mean, streaming over a network? Internet?

Chances are, you don’t need CUDA for this, but it’s not terribly clear what you are looking for.

If you are by chance looking to stream 3D graphics over a network, you’ll want to look into some of the OpenGL virtualization/ Xorg extensions / VNC…