MDL SDK binary releases and versioning


There have been MDL SDK releases on GitHub in January and last December. The release notes always speak of ABI compatibility with a binary release of the same name. However, when I head to MDL SDK | NVIDIA Developer, I only find releases dating back October '21 and older. Is this intended?

Secondly, I’m a bit confused when it comes to the versioning shown on the web page.
MDL SDK 2021.0.2 - October 2021
MDL SDK 2021.0.1 - September 2021
MDL SDK 2021.1.0 - June 2020
MDL SDK 2020.1.2 - December 2020

I think the third entry should be MDL SDK 2021.0 which was released in June 2021.

Hi pdelg!
we currently have some trouble signing the binary release which is why it is missing for the last version. we hope to resolve this within a few days and will release a minor update both on Github and binary.

the December release was indeed skipped. If this is urgent i could make it available, but it was only a minor update.
I will check the version number and get it corrected where necessary! Thanks for the catch!


Thanks for the update @jjordan!

@jjordan, I see that there is a new binary release available. Great, thanks!

Regarding the versioning: “MDL SDK 2021.1.0 (June 2020)” has been correctly adjusted to “MDL SDK 2021.0 (June 2020)”. But the year should still be 2021, as can be seen from this GitHub release: Release MDL SDK 2021 (344800.2052): 01 Jun 2021 · NVIDIA/MDL-SDK · GitHub

Secondly, the October release version number has been changed from “2021.0.2” (correct) to “2012.0.2” (incorrect).

And the March release “2012.1.1” should be “2021.1.1”.

Sorry for that, the web team is a bit under pressure. I will file bugs for that. Thanks for reporting!
Yes, we have a new version. And we actually will upload yet another version 2021.1.2 which mainly adds the missing Mac M1 build.
Thanks pdelg!