Melt your computer: Dual GTX 470?

Single PCB, dual GTX 470 card photos from Computex 2010:

[url=“Computex 2010: Dual GPU GTX 470 Videocard Spotted | HotHardware”][/url]

With two 8-pin connectors + slot power, this card could draw up to 375W (assuming Galaxy actually brings these to market). Sadly, that would make it not a drop-in replacement for the GTX 295.

Most likely need to be downclocked to satisfy PCIe limit of 300W at idle.

I want to overclock it and bench it External Image

In my CM HAF 932 with 296 cfm on the side panel External Image External Image External Image

The PCIe power limits are 75W through the slot, 75W over a 6-pin connector and 150W over an 8-pin connector. With two 8-pin connectors + the slot power on that board, in principle they could draw 375W.

Edit: Wait, I just read that again. There’s a spec on the idle power draw for PCIe?

No there isn’t. The PCI-e spec is maximum power draw.

Then how come people could get their 470 power to 400W+???

Or is it because some of those Ws are not from the motherboard but from the power supply directly???

Because they were operating their systems outside of the limits of PCI-e standard. Just because the standard contains limits doesn’t mean that equipment designed to that standard won’t work over the limits (although for how long and how well is another question).

The standard says 6.25A from the motherboard slot, plus either 6.25A per 6 pin plug, or 12.5A per 8 pin plug for a maximum of 31.25A. The power supply circuits of both the motherboard and the PSU may be able to supply more than that. They may not as well. I have personally seen a motherboard with a burnt out 12v pin on the main 24 pin power line from running a pair of heavily overclocked GTX295s. It can happen.

Don’t hold your breath. Galaxy has a track record of announcing products that don’t make it to market, e.g. single-slot GTX260 and GTX470 cards.

While thats true in the past Tom. Galaxy as a company should be focusing on capturing a larger piece of the market share. Because with BFG exiting the GPU market and XFX not participating in the 400 series theres a big hole in the market. EVGA because of there name are enjoying a larger than usual share of the market. Before the big three were BFG, XFX and EVGA. I think we may see galaxy step up to the plate this go around. They we the first GPU manufacturer to hit the market with a GPU with a cooler of non reference design.

We may get to see quite a few innovate designs as makers compete for a larger part of the market.

They have good ideas at Galaxy lets see if they can bring them to fruition.


Yea, I want to see what type of cooling design will be available on that bad boy of a card External Image

I agree with all your points Eg, especially this last one. I was only trying to dampen expectations of anyone waiting anxiously for the latest, greatest Galaxy GPU invention to appear on the market. If it at actually happened, then of course that would be great!

It would be nice if it had a gigantic waterblock or if you could place angled fans that you could manipulate. But they are most likely going to put a big cheap heatsync on one side and a cyclone fan on the other. External Image

Would this melt my wallet too? It certainly melts my heart.

Your probably 100% correct External Image

Melts my heart too, However I would overclock and bench first, External Image External Image then Games Watch Out! Everything would be MAX’ED External Image External Image External Image