Mesh has several component error

Trying A2f with custom mesh, and getting mesh has several seperate components, I have tried, deleting other meshes and i have ensured head mesh is clean


Hi @dhwoolf , would you mind sharing your mesh so we can try to reproduce the problem on our end?

In the meantime, just to make sure, did you run the “Mesh Separate” function from the top menu bar “Mesh > Mesh Separate” ? Is it producing some result?

I have included original blender file, and USD.

My current pipeline is blender, → fbx → Maya → USD → A2F

Galtis Rebuild 1.22(head)c.blend (7.8 MB)

1.22 head c.usd (199.0 KB)
here is usd

found the issue was a loose but still connected vert in mesh, hard to find (its inside the mesh)


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@dhwoolf great !

I tested with you character and it seems the A2F mesh separate is not able to deal with this case. We will fix it for the next release.

In the meantime, Blender Mesh> Separate> by Loose parts does actually catch this. So you can run this before exporting your characters to make sure there is no loose parts.

Thanks for the feedback !