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I created a minimal Jetson Nano image. It only uses about 5 GB with chromium and a window manager.

Username: terminator
password: qwerty

To start the desktop, type:


wait up to 15 seconds and the awesome window manager will start.

Does anyone know how I could make this image sparse?

The “driver package” (which creates the “Linux_for_Tegra/” subdirectory for flash) has a tool (and if you’ve flashed with SDK Manager, then it would have downloaded this for you) called “mksparse”. Located in “Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/”. To see options run “./mksparse --help”. The “–fillpattern=0” is what is used for sparse images during flash (this is the default…“bootloader/systme.img.raw” gets turned into “bootloader/system.img” via this utility).

Do be aware that once in sparse format the open source tools for sparse images won’t work with this. Keep your raw image available if you might need to edit the image.

Thanks! I actually just made a Debian version with the kernel. I’ll try and find this mksparse script for use in my new debian based image.

I created an article describing how can you build an image from scratch.

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Hi pythops, thanks for sharing - that looks like a useful guide!

I’ve just updated the scripts to use ubuntu 20.04 and latest BSP

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Support for Jetson nano board 2GB has been added :