Missing the CB report for Jetson nano and the carrirer board

I’m missing the CB report for Jetson nano and the carrirer board


Please find the Jetson Nano Developer Kit Regulatory and Compliance Documents (P3450) from Jetson Download Center | NVIDIA Developer

The safety regulatory compliance refers to the CB scheme but does not list the specific countries/regions covered by the CB test report (the test report should list the specific countries/regions). The test report does not need to be disclosed but the list of locations should be, as for the EMC declarations, which are specific to countries and regions.

Hi stephend,

Please refer to the readme.txt file in the Regulatory and Compliance Docs. It should have the following:

Jetson Nano Regulatory and Compliance Documents

These regulatory documents are required for sale of Jetson Nano, and may be leveraged in some cases for products based on Jetson Nano.

Location Regulatory Body Cert Type Filename
INT’L various Environmental P3448_ENV.pdf
INT’L UL Safety P3448_UL_Cert(UL60950-1).pdf
INT’L UL Safety P3448_UL_Cert(UL62368-1).pdf
INT’L IEC Safety P3448_CB_Cert(IEC60950-1).pdf
INT’L IEC Safety P3448_CB_Cert(IEC62368-1).pdf
Australia & ACMA, RSM EMI/Radio P3448_AU_DoC.pdf
New Zealand
Japan VCCI, MIC EMI/Radio P3448_Japan_VoC.pdf
EU EC EMC/Radio P3448_EU_DoC.pdf
US, Canada FCC EMI/Radio P3448_US_CA_DoC.pdf
Korea RRA EMC/Radio P3448_KC_Cert.pdf
Taiwan BSMI, NCC EMI/Radio P3448_Taiwan_DoC.pdf