Mlx4 supports AF_XDP

Does mlx4 driver supports AF_XDP? Because I found another topic citing that mlx4 doesn’t support AF_XDP at all, but I couldn’t find further information that corroborates that statement.
I know for sure that mlx4 doesn’t support AF_XDP zero-copy, but if it handles base AF_XDP is still unclear to me.
In any case, the model of my Ethernet controller is Mellanox Technologies MT27500 Family [ConnectX-3].

Thanks in advance

Hello and thank you for writing us.

The mlx4 driver does not support AF_XDP.

Regarding the specific model of your Ethernet controller, ConnectX-3, it is important to note that while this model is supported by the mlx4 driver, the lack of AF_XDP support remains a limitation for users looking to utilize AF_XDP with this hardware. This means that any functionalities or optimizations that depend on AF_XDP will not be available with the mlx4 driver on the ConnectX-3 devices.

Furthermore The ConnectX-3 adapter has reached its EOL and new features will not be added to it and the driver.