Monitors literally stutter when VRR/G-SYNC is enabled

When I enable VRR on dual monitor setup, my monitors literally stutter. I can see on the monitor OSD refresh rate is unstable even on desktop with no game or full screen application running. I noticed it happens when GPU clock changes.
The only way to fix the issue is to disable VRR on both monitors or use only one monitor.

In addition, on Linux, VRR doesn’t work with more than one monitor even if Wayland compositor reports it’s supported and enabled, so videos or games that doesn’t fully load the GPU are very stuttery unless I disable VRR.

Monitor 1: 2560x1440 144 Hz
Monitor 2: 1920x1080 75 Hz
OS: Arch Linux 6.3.8-arch1-1 and Windows 10 22H2

The issue happens with 535, 530 and 525 series with Windows and Linux (open and proprietary) Nvidia driver.

Here is a gif to illustrate the issue (on Windows, no game running):

The big number on top left corner is the monitor 1 refresh rate: it drops very shortly to 49 Hz when GPU clock changes.

Unfortunately the 545 driver doesn’t fix that issue neither in Linux nor in Windows.