MQTT protocol adapter

• Hardware Platform: Jetson and GPU
• DeepStream Version 5.0.1 (Python bindings)
• Issue Type( questions, new requirements, bugs): Question

Hi all,

I need to use MQTT to transmit the outputs of the different models running in my application based on DeepStream.

So far, I have created a function in a probe that is attached to the sink pad of the nvdosd element. That function is creating a new thread (so it does not block the pipeline during transmission), creates the payload and publish it.

That solution works fine but I was wondering how I could write an MQTT adapter for the nvds_msgapi protocol adaptor interface. I looked at the documentation, but there is not much information there.

Is there a simple example somewhere to get me started? All I found is this, but that repo only renamed the files of the Kafka adaptor.



Yeah, you could refer to that github for how to connect, pulish, disconnect to message broker. but i suggest you refer to builtin kafka implementation, under sources/libs/kafka_protocol_adaptor/, and from nvds_kafka_proto.cpp, you can see how nvds_msgapi API used. we maintain and test on it. you need to be familar with MQTT first for your start to write your own protocal adapter, here documentation about it for version 3.1.1,