MSENC hardware encoder chip not behaving properly on Jetson TK1

Hello folks!
I am working with MSENC chip (hardware encoder) on Jetson TK1.
here they said that “NVENC on GeForce hardware can support a maximum of 2 concurrent streams per system” but when i am trying to encode two streams simultaneously (with Gstreamer pipeline) the output is not up to the mark (might be the encoder gets slow).
Any idea about this behavior?
Can i encode two streams simultaneously on Jetson TK1?

One stream encoding on MSENC chip with Gstreamer pipeline working completely fine.


Jetson TK1 is not “GeForce hardware” so I don’t think the URL is valid for Tegra.

So you are saying that you are able to encode two streams simultaneously but the performance is not good enough?

What resolution, bitrate and codec are you using?


resolution : 1280 * 720 (for both the streams)
bitrate : for 1 stream it’s “4000000” and for other one “800000”
and codec : H264 (using “nv_omx_h264enc” plugin for encoding both the streams)
I am using Logitech usb cam (usb 2.0)(v4l2src Gstreamer plugin), taking input @ 24 fps.


I think that should be doable.

Although if they are both in same USB, I’m not sure if USB 2.0 can handle that? At least it can’t do 1080p30.

Try maximising CPU performance:

And GPU and EMC (read the last line) performance:

hello, I have a question about this ,Could the video-codec-sdk works on the TK1? please give me some suggestions,thanks

No, that’s not supported.