Multi camera for UGV & Agriculture Automation using Jetson AGX Xavier

Camera systems are used in outdoor applications such as Agricultural vehicles and Autonomous Mobile Robots to perceive the environment for performing their functions effectively. These camera systems should be capable of producing high-quality images and videos in challenging outdoor lighting conditions. Also, they have to cater to the large dimension of vehicles or robots and mitigate LED flickering in outdoor environments.

Recognizing this, e-con Systems has launched NileCAM21_CUXVR, a Full HD HDR GMSL2 camera, based on the AR0233AT image sensor with a high-performance Image Signal Processor.

Let’s now have a look at how NileCAM21_CUXVR would be a perfect fit for agricultural vehicles and AMRs with two different scenarios.

First, let us look at agricultural vehicles.

Cameras equipped in agricultural vehicles are used to detect crops and obstacles while plowing, watering, spreading fertilizer, and planting. The detection of crops and other obstacles comes with challenges such as challenging lighting conditions, and lack of instant support to AI capabilities. It also requires flexible cabling options to cater to the large dimension of these vehicles.

NileCAM21_CUXVR is built to meet all these requirements. It comes with the GMSL2 interface that allows transmission of video data up to a distance of 15 meters. HDR capability of this camera helps to produce exceptionally clear and sharp images of crops even in challenging lighting conditions. This camera supports the NVIDIA Jetson platform which has AI capabilities that allow the development of intelligent solutions for agricultural applications.

Now, let’s talk about Autonomous Mobile Robots used in outdoor applications.

To detect and navigate around obstacles, AMRs should be equipped with intelligent navigation capabilities such as sensors and camera systems. In outdoor environments, two major factors that affect an AMR’s detection capabilities are harsh lighting conditions and LED flickering. The High Dynamic Range capability of e-con’s NileCAM21_CUXVR makes capturing of high-quality images in outdoor environments possible even when the target scene has both very dark and very bright regions. Also, the LED Flickering Mitigation feature helps to mitigate LED flickering while capturing pulsed light sources. Similar to agricultural vehicles, GMSL2 technology is used in AMR for long-distance transmission of image and video data up to a distance of 15 meters from the host processor with very low latency.

Do all these sound interesting to you?

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Great! Thanks for creating this awesome camera product for Jetson platforms.