Multi processing on embedded card (Jetson TX2, Xavier, ...)

I want to analyze an image by several neural networks in an embedded system. My question is the following :
can we run in parallel, on graphic cards like Jetson TX2 or Xavier, several inference tasks. Each task using a different neural network. For example : A task using a YOLOv5 and an other task using a Mask RCNN.

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The answer is yes, but there will be some possible performance impact.
In your case since your target platform is Jetson, I am moving this discussion to an area where there are a number of community members which would have similar requirements to you.

Suggest to use DeepStream SDK, please find more information from NVIDIA DeepStream SDK | NVIDIA Developer

Thank you for this answer.

One last question: If you use different networks, do you have to load and unload them from the memory before and after each use ?

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Yes, DeepStream SDK is based on gstreamer and in each run, it loads and unloads the model.

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