Multi-threaded Mandelbrot? based on SDK sample

Hi there,

if there are no legal reasons preventing me from doing so, I am going to modifiy the Mandelbrot SDK sample to run on 2-4 GPUs in parallel - source code will be posted here (given that I am successful, of course). A simple tiling of the coordinate work space should be possible, followed by copying all results into a texture on the primary graphics card for display. Maybe the copy operation can be overlapped with computation as shown in some other SDK sample.

The reason for this is that I want to get some hands on experience with CUDA and the best way of doing so is probably to modify the SDK samples.

The hardware (MSI K9A2 Platinum mainboard + 2 GPUs) is already ordered and if feasible, I’ll add 2 more GPUs. These are inexpensive Geforce 9600GSO boards with 96 shader units each. Pretty much bang for the buck! I am only worried about heat development in my PC casing - maybe I’ll have to leave it opened. I might also use the PC for folding@home. Overall the costs will stay below 700 Euros.


I wrote the original Mandelbrot program. Please feel free to modify it however you please and do whatever you want with it. If you search the forums you can probably still find my original code which does not have native double precision but has a nicer UI (in my opinion).

-Mark Granger