Multiple GPU's of different types


I am developing my application so that it runs on multiple CUDA devices of different types, a workload divider makes sure that the fastest GPU gets the highest amount of work. It all appeared to work quite well until some strange acces violation (cudaError_enum at memory location…) error occured. Now I did some reading (I know, should have done it before) and the manual actually states:

The use of multiple GPUs as CUDA devices by an application running on a multi-
GPU system is only guaranteed to work if theses GPUs are of the same type.

The program seemed to work OK in the beginning but now fails for larger inputs. I have tried to find the source of the error but it occurs at random (after 5 minutes or after 2 hours) although it seems that it fails in the same part of the code.

I wondered if anybody tried to create an application that runs on multiple GPU’s of different types and encountered any problems. I dont want to chase a bug that is caused because I am doing something which is not allowed. Could this error really be the result of my program running on multiple GPU’s of different types? Maybe that in the future this will actually be allowed/supported?

Any feedback is appreciated,


What is maximum execution time of your kernels on the slowest GPU?

It falls way below the 5 seconds rule, if it is the watchdog timer you are referring to. I actually solved the problem yesterday and it appeared to have nothing to do with running multiple GPU’s of different types. I launched too many threads that were apparently indexing an array out of bounds, strangely making it past a basic indexing guard (if index >=0 && index < maxindex)… For some reason this only constantly failed on one specific type of the GPU’s presumably because it has less memory, making all memory blocks in use packed tighter together which leads more quickly to an access violoation. Regardless of that, it seems that running an application on multiple GPU’s of a different type while not supported works perfectly fine.



Yes, I’ve created application which runs on multiple GPUs. It runs fine on different cards (tested 8800GTX+8600GTS; 8800GTX+8800GT; C870+8600GTS).

Can someone (maybe from NVIDIA) explain what are potential problems with different GPUs?