Multiple Kernels

My question is whether we can start multiple kernels on the GPU.
I am pretty sure doing so would give significant speedups(at least in my case).

Right now I have just one kernel , and for doing texturing I guess I could have one more kernel. That should give me speedups (right ?)


At this time kernels run after each other and not concurrently.

Maybe a stupid Question but as stated in the programming guide each gridblock had it’s own kernel and only one kernel can run on the GPU but if you use 2 GPUs is it possible to run 2 kernels or can you still only run on? because you need to have 2 CPUthread to run multi core.

you can run other kernels on different GPU’s. But also someone from NVIDIA stated that in the future maybe kernels will run concurrently on the GPU. I believe that is one of the reasons for having ‘queues’ in the Async API so you can schedule kernels after each other that have dependencies on each other. And you can have different queues parallel for independent kernels.

Anyway, that is what I remember and my memory is not the best in the world ;)