My First project: (sparkfun) JetBot, need some help :)

Hi everyone,

I recently got a sparkfun jetbot kit that comes with a pre-fleshed micro-sd card with everything needed for the project.
I actually didn’t get the card but I flashed a 128GB sd card with the content available on the sparkfun website.

The only issue I have with it, is that it includes a version of the JetPack that is antecedent to the recent ones, so I am not able to configure it without a monitor and a keyboard (I found this guide on how to use screen on a linux os:, but it doesn’t work for me, I imagine cause of the version).

Is there anyone here that has tried to start from scratch (i.e. installing the new JetPack and then adding what else is needed on top of it)?

Do I have any other options than buying a monitor?

Any help would be appreciated :) I look forward to start working with it!

Please refer to jetson nano FAQ on the forum board. I put a link there to teach you how to configure user account/password w/o a monitor.