nbody performance on Windows 10 vs linux (fedora 27)

The windows 10 performance for nBody is awful compared to linux, I see about 4.7 fps on windows with 37 GFlops with a dual 1060 system but on linux (Fedora 27) I see a full 60 fps with 454 GFlops.

I updated the driver on windows to the latest and that didn’t help, also I considered there was a OpenGL disconnect issue so I ran it in benchmark mode and I see about the same performance.

Considering I would prefer to use Windows 10 for CUDA what are the options here?

It can’t just be nBody that sees this performance delta, I worked on nVidia drivers for a number of years and this just seems like something is punting back to the CPU to do this but I see no errors in the console to this effect.

Are you building a debug project in windows?

I will double check, I thought of that last night… OS X is my normal platform so MSVS isn’t my native debug environment but Windows 10 seems like the long term platform for nVidia and CUDA. Thanks.

Yep that was it… debug mode makes almost no difference on OS X… but its huge on Windows 10, it’s probably all the sampling and such for tools.

Thanks again.