Need explanation for List of Universal GPU ids

I use NVWMI for some configutations from a windows batch script.

Currently I have the problem to switch off CUDA on all GPU.

After switch off CUDA on all GPU in NVIDIA System Control Panel the result of the command:

wmic /namespace:nv path profile where name=“Base Profile” call info

give amongst other things:

Setting Name: List of Universal GPU ids
Setting ID: 271929336
Setting Type: String
Value: id,2.0:13BA10DE,00000200,GL - (272,7,162) @ (4096)

My problem:
I don’t know what are the induvidual elements of: id,2.0:13BA10DE,00000200,GL - (272,7,162) @ (4096)

The nomenclature of Universal GPU ids seems to be a secret.
The NVWMI documentation give no answers about this.
I need an explanation how can I query or generate the ID-String(s) for using by script.

Thanks in Advance