Need help _omitting unnecessary elements from the array omitting unnecessary elements from the array

Hi all,

Here is my problem:

I have an A matrix (actually)

A[N],B[N], C[N] defines an element

I need a loop that some of the elements are deleted from the set

iteration is as follows
1- first elements A[1] and B[1] is computed with all A[2…N] and B[2…N]
and some of the element from A and B is deleted Lets say A[2] and B[2], A[5] B[5] deleted
second step:
2- compute the next undeleted element A[3] and B[3] with others same as explained in step 1.

Please help me
Thank you for your time

Hi all

About Reduction problem of my project

let me explain the problem

A_in = [ a b c d e f ]
B_in = [ x y z t u v ] select [ a ] and [ x]
and operate with others

deviceValid = [ - 0 1 1 0 1 ] “-” shows dont delete that element
A_out = [ a c d f ]
B_in = [ x z t v ]
second iteration select c, z

deviceValid = [ 0 - 0 1 ]
A_out = [ c f ]
B_in = [ z v ]

and so on

Thank you for your help

in sequentially I am solving the problem as this
B array is not mentioned here for simplicity

A is an n element array
and S is empty array
add A[1] to S
for a =A[2] to A[n]
for s= S[1] to S[m] //m shows last element of S
if (Func(a,s)) delete s from S //m decreases and S should be compact list after deletion
if (Func(s,a)) dltA=1 break iteration 2nd //
end for

if (dltA!=1) add x to S,  m increases

end for

You are looking for a classic compaction algorithm.
Check out this paper:
And this template library for CUDA: (by the same authors)

Thank you very much Cygnus