Need help to to display image using NPP?

Hi everyone,

I’m new to NPP, after we load an image into our program, is there any way to display that image?

Thanks a lot !

I don’t think NPP provides any display functions, but you could copy the code from the “boxFilter” SDK sample which shows how to display an image in global memory using OpenGL.

npp doesn’t display image, either use OpenCV on the cpu side or use OpenGL/DirectX (OpenCV will be easier)

do you have any ideas about NPP development?

I thinks OpenCV is a great library to work with computer vision, but now I want to apply GPU to implement Image Processing / Computer Vision algorithms.

NPP just have some basic functions, it’s still lack of advanced features.

I have to admit that I haven’t seen NPP really advance since it’s initial release. I write my own code though in any case so I haven’t followed it too closely (There are issues with stringing together filters as it can make very poor use of system caches).

What I usually do for GPU development is just use the image display abilities of OpenCV as it’s ridiculously easy to display images with. So I do the math on the GPU and transfer the data back for display. Good enough for testing. For deployment you would probably want to inter operate with OpenGL or DirectX so as not to transfer the data back to the CPU.