New 20.7 version , where is the detail release bugfix?

Hello .

I have switched from PGI to NVIDIA HPC compiler , and tested the first beta
nv-hpc/20.5 , just after is release .

The new official version nv-hpc/20.7 is release but in the document page
I don’t see where is the detail release bugfix coming with this new version .

On PGI , the Release Notes point to

For Example , some problem I have found with the beta version :

  • Nsigth = nsys-ui , doesn’t give information on OPENACC construct ( some library not found )

OpenACC injection initialization failed. Is the PGI runtime version greater than 15.7?

  • nvfortran , warn about compiling for -acc=multicore,gpu , but code is working fine apparently ( and this was OK with PGI version ) :

nvfortran-Warning-Code generation for OpenACC on device and multicore in the same binary is not currently supported


For the NVIDIA HPC SDK, we will not be publishing a complete list of bugs fixed in the release notes, but individuals who have reported an issue will still be notified once a fix has become available. Future release notes will include general user visible changes.