new to cuda getting to know about cuda

Hi all
I am a new person to CUDA and I hope to do literature survey on gpu computing for my academic purpose.I have heard that the gpu computing enable nvidia processors consist of 128 cores and I would like to know how all these cores are utilized efficiently by CUDA (the programming model).So I would be very thankful if somebody can just give me some idea about this.


Take a look at…%20hardware.ppt

(OR google “UIUC Threaded Hardware” and go for the first link)

The link talks about threaded hardware and how it enables super fast SIMD operations.

Some good references.

  1. Read the first few chapters of the programming guide, they give a very good description of the hardware
  2. Read the CUDA Overview section of our paper “General Purpose Molecular Dynamics Simulations Fully Implemented on Graphics Processing Units”

It gives a good abbreviated overview of the hardware.

  1. Read the introduction of " Accelerating molecular modeling applications with graphics processors"…323814/ABSTRACT

It has another nice overview of the hardware from a different perspective than (2)

  1. Other papers listed at may have more, I haven’t read them all.