[News] NVIDIA SimNet v21.06 Released for General Availability!

Today, NVIDIA announces the release of SimNet v21.06 for general availability, enabling physics simulations across a variety of use cases. This GA release builds on a successful early access program of baseline features, and layers on additional new capabilities.

This GA release introduces:
• New physics such as Electromagnetics and 2D wave propagation.
• A new algorithm that enables a wider number of use cases for simulating more complex Fluid-Thermal systems.
• New time stepping schemes implemented for solving temporal problems, treating time as both discrete and continuous.
• Transfer learning to help reduce the time to convergence for neural network solvers.

Read about this on our DevNews post here : NVIDIA SimNet v21.06 Released for General Availability | NVIDIA Developer Blog

Give SimNet v21.06 a try today by downloading it here : https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-simnet-downloads

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