No Boot dGPU and iGPU

Hi, I’ve been struggling with IGX orin a lot.
holoscan-docs/devkits/nvidia-igx-orin/ at main · nvidia-holoscan/holoscan-docs · GitHub

According to this, I tried display port (8) for iGPU use which led me to some errors and an the end it’s a curser blinking top left of screen, tried multiple solutions in the TTY2 that I opened but also no luck, at some point TTY2 cannot access network anymore! ping returned Network Unreachable

Tried restarting with cable connected ports (14) no errors but fully black screen.
also there is a warning while booting, “warning test key is used”

Please share which dGPU card you are using. On 1.0DP release, we support limited cards and would like to ensure the card is supported.