no-compat32 driver version 310.19 missing libXvMCNVIDIA

Using Lunar Linux (source based) and had 304.64 install with no problems. Trying to install 310.19 and the install is croaking on some libXvMCNVIDIA stuff.

After poking around with our build scripts I could find nothing wrong. So did a side by side comparison of and

It appears that 310.19 is missing these files;


I could find nothing in the pkg-history.txt mentioning their removal and the all knowing Google was of little help. Any idea where I can get these? Or have these been merged/incorporated else where?

XvMC was only supported on GPUs older than the GeForce 8 series, and those aren’t supported in 310.*, so the library was removed. Sorry it wasn’t called out more in the pkg-history file.