No pf0hpf/pf1hpf interfaces when Bluefield 2 in EMBEDDED_CPU mode

Hi all,

We bought a Bluefield 2 MBF2H516A-EEEOT with PSID: MT_00000478.

When I switch the Bluefield 2 to EMBEDDED_CPU mode, I cannot find the interfaces pf0hpf/pf1hpf from ARM side. The output of mst status -v is as follows.


Bluefield 2:

The 2 physical ports are Ethernet, and be connected back-to-back with a CX6DX.

Also, I cannot update the firmware for Bluefield 2 either. No firmware version matches the PSID MT_00000478. The listed firmware for MBF2H516A-EEEOT on Nvidia website has PSID MT_00000704, which cannot be burned due to mismatch PSID.

Can you please advise on

  1. How to solve the missing pf0hpf/pf1hpf interfaces problem?
  2. How to update Bluefield firmware to the latest version?

Thank you so much!

Hello @tmatuan96

Have you followed UM instructions?:

Could you please share the output of “ip a” command.

I’m looking for the firmware and will let you know soon.


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Hi @tmatuan96

The latest BFB images with included firmware can be found in the “BlueField DPU Runtime and Driver Downloads” section of the following page:

Additionally for further debugging you can open a support case we will do our best to assist you asap.
Just send email with the issue description to Enterprise Support


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man , your firmware is too old , you can not upgrade to DOCA-2.6 from a very old version , you must upgrade to DOCA 1.5.X firstly then you can upgrade to DOCA-2.6

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Thank you so much for the reply. I don’t have access to this BF now, so I cannot try things out. I’ll update you later.

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