Noise canceling for everyone

Why isn’t there a Software out, which uses a mic of choice of you system, AI for understanding what to do and what to filter out, and than put out noise canceling sound waves on the headphones. I mean, it wouldn’t be perfect, but if you specify it to sounds like PC-Fans, this could be amazing for a lot of people. Especially if you are on a Laptop and mobile, this could be perfect.
I get that it couldn’t be as perfect as real Noise canceling headphones, but with the help of Ai to identify what is background Noise and what is spoken/other sounds, this could be quite powerful.
The output should be lossless quality, so people with high end headphones profit as well.

If this idea gets done and blows up, I want my part of the cake, thanks.

Sounds amazing. I can already see you using a bunch of our SDKs and pre-trained models to make something like this work. I hope other forum members like this idea too - and direct message you, If you are able to get a team together and make a start up it would be amazing - and once you do start, don’t forget to join NVIDIA Inception, you will be amazed how NVIDIA can help startups be successful, and when the times right can help get serious funding.
Wishing you all the best - and keep those ideas coming - from small Acorns do Oaks grow .

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