Not supported: nvlink enable on 2 rtx 2080ti windows 10

In my new workstation i have two RTX 2080TI gpus on windows 10 - I followed the instruction to enable SLI through Nvidia control panel, and was fine. Installed latest new Nvidia drivers (452.06 as of this date August 2020), and was trying to test if the NVLINk was enable using the nvlink smi test utility, but got an error screen saying that system doesnt have CUDA 10 installed , nor the latest drivers. I did clean install on the driver for each card. Both are recognized in the device manager and in the nvidia smi - but I wasnt able to enable the nvlink using this command: nvlink-smi.exe -l # -dm TCC.
Why doesnt NVIDIA provide support ?. I searched the entire web but found few articles from puget systems about this subject and was frustrating to realize that NVIDIA doesnt support NVLINK at the lowest . I use NVIDIA NVLINK 3 slot bridge to connect both cards. Any help will be appreciated here. Thank you!