Nsight graphic user metrics meaning of dram__cycles_active

As is shown in the picture, I captured a frame with nsight graphic(version 2022.1.0) on RTX3080 and found that the average value of dram__cycle_active was less than the minimum value. So I want to ask the objects of these minimum and average values. That is to say, which data does nsight graphic calculate the minimum and average values for ?


The inconsistent data you get might be caused by running profiling in different sessions. For example, you firstly selected “dram__cycles_active.avg” and Nsight Graphics ran profiling to get this counter’s value. Then you selected “dram__cycle_active.min” and it ran another session of profiling and got you the value. There could be fluctuations between these two runs depending on your system status.

I recommend re-running the profiling (the button you can find in the up-left corner) when after all these counters are enabled.