Number of physical functions?

I’m trying to integrate a ConnectX-5 with a custom PCIe bridge in a Xilinx.

Please see the details in the Attachments.

The bridge is Non-ARI and it probes 8 functions for Device 0. Is that correct?

Do you expect the different functions to have different firmware versions?

Note function 7 has a reasonable firmware version (16.22.1002) but fails to enable.

I notice in the driver:

err = mlx5_core_enable_hca(dev, 0);

with 0 referenced as function_id. Is this the same function number as PCIe? (1.06 KB)

The error in the bridge was that the completer ID was not mapped correctly from the ECAM address.

Now I see 2 physical functions, both with the same firmware ID.

ENABLE_HCA still times out, so there is more work…