NVCC bug

Please see the following posts:

I keep hearing NVIDIA team thinks it is a bug but do not have a definitive action plan.

What is the plan of action (tentative release version or date) to fix it ?

From the thread you linked:

I confirmed with the nvcc team that this issue was recently fixed and that the fix will be available in the next version of the CUDA Toolkit. […]
Could you clarify if next version refers to Cuda 11 […]
the information I was given said 11.0

That seems like a very definite plan of action. As for release date, NVIDIA typically does not pre-announce those. Since they just introduced Ampere today, I would expect CUDA 11 real soon now.

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was hoping to see a release plan from NVIDIA. Helping others in the community too. Thanks for stressing out an imminent release post hardware release.