nvcc fatal : Unknown option 'fno-strict-aliasing'

I need this flag so i can access my buffer.

char * buffer = malloc( sizeof(int) + N*sizeof(double) ); //contains integer and array of doubles

int* i = (int*)buffer; //first element is int
double* A = (double*)buffer + sizeof(int) //second elementi is my array

printf("%d %2f",i, ((double)A)[0] ); //I get an alignment error, cant see the reason why

Thank you

Maybe because your doubles are not aligned to 8 bytes because you put a 4 bytes int in front?

Yes this might be the problem, but if i use memcpy to parse my buffer everything works fine

int value;
memcpy(&value, buffer,sizeof(int) );
buffer + = sizeof(int);

double array[N];
memcpy(array,buffer, N*sizeof(double) );

pritnf("%d %2f",value, array[i]);

Any hints why this version works? Thnx anyways

Because “array” is an array of doubles which the compiler automatically aligned correctly.

It should be enough to add a padding int to your original sources to make the doubles 8 bytes aligned again. Look at the least significant 3 bits of address “A”.

On second sight, this code is incorrect as well:
double* A = (double*)buffer + sizeof(int);
Typecasts have a higher operator precedence than the plus operator. That added the size of 4 doubles to the buffer address.

The correct (but still misaligned) code would have been
double* A = (double*)(buffer + sizeof(int));

Thank you for your time,
I think i solved my problem using a union to alliagn all my values inside my buffer;

int i;

Now i can access my buffer using buffer+=sizeof(U); so everything is aligned
to sizeof(U) = sizeof(double) = 8

Everything seems ok.