NVENC - Performance identical on faster device


i am using the Video SDK (nvEncodeAPI.h … ) to encode and decode multiple streams.

With a Quadro M2000M it is possible to encode 6 Streams 1080p59.94 simultaneously to h.264.
I assumed that switching to a faster hardware would increase the possibility to encode mor streams.

I tried with a Quadro P2000 and a Quadro P5000. The performance was nearly identical.
Width 7 streams the framrate drops to ~55fps and so on if stremas are increased.

Is there any setup trick to encrease the performance???
Any parameters to set for the encoder?

Hi paetzold.s

Could you provide the following information:

  1. Driver version
  2. OS
  3. Encode API header version being used
  4. Share your application being used to program the API encode parameter for both graphics cards.


Ryan Park