NVIDIA DGX-1: The Fastest Deep Learning System

Originally published at: https://developer.nvidia.com/blog/dgx-1-fastest-deep-learning-system/

Figure 1: NVIDIA DGX-1. One year ago today, NVIDIA announced the NVIDIA® DGX-1™, an integrated system for deep learning. DGX-1 (shown in Figure 1) features eight Tesla P100 GPU accelerators connected through NVLink, the NVIDIA high-performance GPU interconnect, in a hybrid cube-mesh network. Together with dual socket Intel Xeon CPUs and four 100 Gb InfiniBand…

Very good article and very useful comparisons between NVLink and PCIe performance scalability.

The 8x M40 and 8x P100 PCIe server is an SMC 4028GR with dual Intel Xeon E5-2698v4 CPUs and 256GB DDR4-2133 RAM (DGX-1 has 512GB DDR4-2133).
Any reason not having same RAM size as DGX-1 while comparing?