Nvidia Gstreamer plugins (nvenc, nvdec) decode H265 video error

Hi everyone,
I installed Nvidia Gstreamer plugins in my docker as the link:
[1] Link
[2] Link

  1. With H264 video, it is OK, my pipeline gst-launch-1.0 filesrc location=h264_video.mp4! qtdemux ! h264parse ! nvdec ! fpsdisplaysink
  2. With H265 video, my pipeline gst-launch-1.0 filesrc location=h265_video.mp4 ! qtdemux ! h265parse ! nvdec ! fpsdisplaysink , then it is NOTOK. I get the error:
0:00:00.235014522   439 0x55a8dad47f70 ERROR                  nvdec gstnvdec.c:329:parser_sequence_callback:<nvdec0> failed to create decoder
0:00:00.235029386   439 0x55a8dad47f70 ERROR                  nvdec gstnvdec.c:671:handle_pending_frames:<nvdec0> no decoder

I don’t know to solve it. Please help me. Thanks!

they are not nvdec, nvenc (where do you get them?), they are nvv4l2decoder , nvv4l2h264enc , nvv4l2h265enc

please refer to Frequently Asked Questions — DeepStream 6.0 Release documentation

Hi @mchi , my PC is

  • NVIDIA Driver 470.86
  • CUDA version V10.0.130
  • GEFORCE RTX 2080 Ti

I refer by the link https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-video-codec-sdk/download

I do not use DeepStream. Thanks!

I can’t find where in the doc mentions nvdec and nvenc GStreamer plugin, can you please be more specific?

Hi @mchi ,
Currently, I am trying and checking performance of different decoding (avdec_h264 (CPU), nvdec(GPU)).
I searched the link NVIDIA VIDEO Codec SDK.

My enviroment:

  • NVIDIA Driver 470.86
  • CUDA version V10.0.130
  • GEFORCE RTX 2080 Ti
  • Gstreamer 1.14.5
  • Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS


  • Download Video Codec SDK in LINK
  • Extract file and move Interfaces and Libs to /usr/local/cuda
  • Build nvenc, nvdec gstreamer plugins:
$ git clone git://anongit.freedesktop.org/git/gstreamer/gst-plugins-bad
$ cd gst-plugins-bad
$ git checkout 1.14.5
$ cp /usr/local/cuda/include/cuda.h sys/nvenc
$ cp path/to/video/codec/sdk/Interface/nvEncodeAPI.h sys/nvenc
$ cp path/to/video/codec/sdk/Interface/cuviddec.h sys/nvenc
$ cp path/to/video/codec/sdk/Interface/nvcuvid.h sys/nvdec
$ NVENCODE_CFLAGS="-I/path/to/gst-plugins-bad/sys/nvenc" ./autogen.sh --with-cuda-prefix="/usr/local/cuda" --disable-gtk-doc
$ cd sys/nvenc
$ make && make install
$ cd sys/nvdec
$ make && make install

Check installation

$ gst-inspect-1.0 | grep nvenc
nvenc:  nvh264enc: NVENC H.264 Video Encoder
$ gst-inspect-1.0 | grep nvdec
nvdec:  nvdec: NVDEC video decoder

Last, i check performance with H264 video and H265 video as first post. But it is error with H265 video.

Can you check it for me? Thanks!

Hi @mchi ,
I found the document that describe to Video Encode and Decode GPU Support Matrix (LINK).
I see GeForce RTX 2080 Ti which support to decode H265 video.
How can I install NVDEC and NVENC in the GSTREAMER on Ubuntu?

Hi @dotrunganht ,
Can you use nvv4l2decoder , nvv4l2h264enc , nvv4l2h265enc with DeepSream installed ?

Hi @mchi ,
DeepStream do not support my GPU platform (GEFORCE RTX 2080 Ti) LINK


It’s the same GPU arch as T4, so it’s supported by DeepStream.

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