Nvidia Hardware doesnt have a serial number?

My new Laptop is stolen it has Nivida GEFORCE RTX is there a way to track it through some identification any serial number under Nivida? Nvidia Hardware doesnt have a serial number?


Welcome to the forums! Sorry to hear about your laptop.
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Hi @yorkersharma,

I am really sorry to hear that, but we cannot help here, you must go through the authorities and possibly the Laptop manufacturer.

Good luck!

Hi, alike many other parts in a system/laptop, we do have a HW serial number. but it needs a SW ecosystem, to register and track all these different numbers. They would also need to reconnect online to that system, now that your device is under a different possession :-(. If that would allow for tracking exact location, and getting police involved to re-claim your laptop, we don’t know. But as said before the best start should be the laptop vendor, since they typically have a system registration process to track warranty timelines…
good luck…

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Thanks, tell me one thing as I was told on other forums. If robber has wiped out system by making fresh installation of window, Is there still a hope?

Hi again, as said before, there are several SNs in HW across your system, which a fresh SW installation will not erase/overwrite.
But there is no infrastructure (unless from your laptop vendor), to register the SNs to the initial owner, then have an option to report a device as stolen/lost, so trigger for it on next connect to be flagged…
AFAIK (again, pls contact your laptop vendor), this does not exisit for PCs unlike it does exsist for some mobile phones…
I can’t create some hope for you, sorry…

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