Nvidia Motion Transfer and Face-Vid2Vid

Hello guys, I am new here and I have a few questions related to Nvidia Maxine Tools.

For one of my projects I am working on, we are looking for a Motion Transfer option. Let me explain. I have a driving video with emotions, and picture of person. I want that my Picture of person imitate emotions from driving video. If there is no option to do this with driving video I am also ok to imitate emotions from my webcam. I fround this video from dr. Károly Zsolnai-Fehér where he talking about this tool with name Face-Vid2Vid :

Also one of the NVIDIA Developer with name Ting-Chun Wang talking about this tool on his Youtube Channel. My other question is where I can get the tool Face-vid2vid and are this feature maybe part of Nvidia Maxine?

If anyone can help me to answer on my questions, i would be really glad!!!

Ting-Chun Wang talking about Face-Vid2Vid tool