NVIDIA Quadro P1000 and 4 x 4K 60Hz DP monitors

We have a Lenovo TS P340 workstation running Windows 10 with a NVIDIA Quadro P1000 card driving 4 x LG 49UH7F monitors, currently using Full HD @ 60Hz resolution, connected via mini-DP to DP cables. Both the LG monitors and cables are capable of 4K @ 60Hz. We are trying to change the monitor resolution from FHD @ 60Hz to 4K @ 60Hz but NVIDIA Display Manager only shows 4K @ 30Hz option. The Quadro P1000 datasheet states the board should be able to drive up to 4 monitors at 4096x2160 @ 60Hz. What are we doing wrong?

Thanks for any help.


Just to add more information, the TS P340 workstation has a fifth monitor (Legion Y25 - FHD@60Hz) connected to the UHD Intel® 630 Graphics DP port. In total we have 5 monitors, 4 of which are capable of 4K@60Hz (connected to the NVIDA Quadro P1000) and one capable of FHD@60Hz (connected to the additional embedded Core i7 Graphics port).

We are running Windows 10 latest patch and NVIDIA production driver downloaded from NVIDIA site (R535 U7 (537.58)).

Thanks for any help solving this.



DP has a bandwidth negotiation protocol, so being offered a lower than expected resolution/refresh is usually an effect of failing to negotiate the required higher bandwidth for the max. resolution/refresh=bandwidth.

can you try a different cable?