NVIDIA Robotics & AI Technical Workshop -LIVE on September 14 & 15

Register for NVIDIA’s 2-Day Robotics & AI Technical Livestream on September 14 & 15.

Come hear from NVIDIA’s software and hardware engineering experts about our latest robotics offerings that will help your company accelerate the development of your autonomous machines. There will be a specific emphasis on our SDK offerings and our latest simulation technologies. We will also feature some of the latest developments from NVIDIA’s research teams and robotics labs.

All sessions will be LIVE with time for Q&A. You will be able to select the sessions you would like to join. Click here to register

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Schedule at a glance:

Tuesday, September 14:

  • Developing and Training AI-based Robots with NVIDIA Isaac Sim (7:00 AM PDT)

  • Accelerate your Robot’s Perception Pipeline with NVIDIA Isaac ROS packages (8:00 AM PDT)

  • Creating Autonomous Machines : NVIDIA Robotics Overview (9:00 AM PDT)

  • Vision AI for Robotics- Overview of the NVIDIA Deepstream SDK (10:00 AM PDT)

  • Accelerating the Robot Brain : GPU Compute from Edge to Cloud (11:00 AM PDT)

  • NVIDIA Riva SDK Technical Deep-Dive: Adding Conversational AI to your Robot (12:00 PM PDT)

September 15:

  • Improve your AI model training by 10x with NVIDIA TAO toolkit and pre-trained models (7:00 AM PDT)
  • Paving the Road to Robot Autonomy with Simulation (8:00 AM PDT)
  • The Latest Research in Autonomy from the NVIDIA Robotics Lab (9:00 AM PDT)
  • TensorRT: Enabling Real-Time AI Inference for Your Robotics Application (10:00 AM PDT)
  • Simplify Deployment of AI Inference on Your Robot with the Trition Inference Server (11:00 AM PDT)
  • Securely manage your robot fleet with the NVIDIA Fleet Command (12:00 PM PDT)

See you there,
NV Robotics Team

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