Nvidia Surround / Span across 3 monitors

I’ve been try to get something to Nvidia Surround on my Linux gaming system but couldn’t. I tried to use both Xinerama and Twinview but nothing seemed to work, manually via xconfig file and assisted via Nvidia Settings.

The system I’m running is Fedora Silverblue 37 running gnome 43.1 under X11 and a single RTX 2070 connected to 3x1080p screens running 520.56.06 drivers. Switching to Wayland did not change anything.

I tried to change the X Server Display Configuration > Configuration to new X Screen under Nvidia Settings but after saving and then applying only one screen on screen 0 worked and a reboot ignored the new X screens. So Xinerama did not work.

Is there a way to achieve this which I’m not aware of?

I also have this issue. I think that we have to wait to newest drivers…

Hey @generix, I did see you active on the forums and you did post a lot of solutions. Is there by any chance some form of settings under nvidia-settings which could allow this or at least some reference material I can use to try and make it work?

I’m okay with it not being permanent and also saw that gnome-shell kinda ignores the corg.conf file either way.

I had seen your topic before and had a little thought on it. Theoretically, this should be possible by using randr 1.5 monitor objects and possibly nvidia metamodes for bezel correction. Gnome won’t work at all since it ignores monitor objects. Additionally, from another thread I got the information that monitor objects don’t work correctly with the nvidia driver which seems to be a bug since it advertises them. Didn’t come around to check for myself, though.

I made this work when running Crunchbang++ with openbox and the open source drivers. Running openbox under fedora and nvidia drivers did not work.