NVIDIA TESLA V100 power connector

Can I connect the PSU EPS12V CPU 8-pin connector straight to the Tesla V100 PCIe power connector?

Is the Tesla V100 PCIe compatible with such regular ATX/EPS12V CPU connectors used in regular ATX desktop/workstation PSUs?

I am building a custom render/deep learning workstation thus using a Corsair AX1600i PSU. This PSU includes 2x EPS12V 8-pin CPU connectors. The actual processor in use will just require one EPS 12V 8-pin connector thus wondering if I could use the other one available as the power source for the Tesla V100 PCIe card.

The TESLA V100 PCIe product brief documentation (page 8), informs this Tesla card has a CPU 8-pin power connector. But I do not want to damage this expensive card, thus asking to the experts regarding its compatibility.

Thanks in advance!