NVIDIA TESLA V100 power connector

Can I connect the PSU EPS12V CPU 8-pin connector straight to the Tesla V100 PCIe power connector?

Is the Tesla V100 PCIe compatible with such regular ATX/EPS12V CPU connectors used in regular ATX desktop/workstation PSUs?

I am building a custom render/deep learning workstation thus using a Corsair AX1600i PSU. This PSU includes 2x EPS12V 8-pin CPU connectors. The actual processor in use will just require one EPS 12V 8-pin connector thus wondering if I could use the other one available as the power source for the Tesla V100 PCIe card.

The TESLA V100 PCIe product brief documentation (page 8), informs this Tesla card has a CPU 8-pin power connector. But I do not want to damage this expensive card, thus asking to the experts regarding its compatibility.

Thanks in advance!

Did you come to a conclusion about this? I’ve been waiting MONTHS for my official GPU power cables for my ThinkServer SR650 and V100s…

@WiegerTheFarmer I actually ended up buying 2xPCIe to CPU cable online (eBay type of marketplace). I am still looking for this confirmation since I have spare EPS12V 8-pin CPU connector on my custom workstation PSU. Looking at the page 9 it says CPU PSU connector is compatible. But nobody apparently tested it except using 2xPCIe to CPU connector. As such I am playing safe until further notice.
Appreciate if you could please reply this thread if you hear back from your ThinkServer systems support as well that CPU cable from the PSU can be used safely.