NVIDIA's OpenCL driver is not thread-safe

I use diplay driver 195.62 at gtx260.
The program was hang with exception error, when clEnqueueWriteImage was accessed from multi threads with the same sommand_queue at the same time.(of course, different cl_mem object)

OpenCL specification says
“OpenCL API calls that are thread-safe allow an application to call these functions in multiple host threads without having to implement mutual exclusion across these host threads.”

Is it driver’s bug??

The important word there is that in “OpenCL API calls that are thread-safe”. It does not define which calls are thread-safe.

From A.2:

jcornwall, thanks for your reply.

woops… my poor english reading skill…

clEnqueueNDRangeKernel is not asynchronous function (is asynchronous in the future??), so I just think multi thread execution.

thanks a lot.