Nvjpeg2k enable_custom_precincts


Thank you for releasing your nvjpeg2k encoder library - it is very interesting and potentially extremely useful for the world of digital cinema!

Though I can’t find a reference in the standard, it is common amongst digital cinema encoders to specify custom precinct sizes in the COD marker (which I guess is covered by the enable_custom_precincts member of nvjpeg2kEncodeConfig_t). It looks like this isn’t currently supported (I get a NVJPEG2K_STATUS_JPEG_NOT_SUPPORTED error when I try it). Do you have plans to add this?

In passing, perhaps I can report that the arrays precint_width and precint_height in nvjpeg2kEncodeConfig_t appear to have mis-spelt names (I think they should be precinct_width and precinct_height)

Thank you!