nvjpeg2kStreamParse error on 4k jpeg2000 stream

Hello !
I have some problems with nvjp2k : calls to nvjpeg2kStreamParse() fails with error code 8 (unknown error) on the attached image. Can you help me to fix it ?
temp4k.j2k (975.7 KB)
The image can be opened with openjpeg or other software such as Irfanview.
Thanks !

No news about 4k decoding problem in nvjpeg2000 library ?
I have released the source code and win64 binaries of the player I am currently coding : MyFreeDcpPlayer, for independent filmmakers, based on this library for fast jpeg2000 decoding. It works only for 2k images.
(GitHub - Karleener/FreeDcpPlayer: Free Dcp Player Nvidia GPU based for independent filmmakers)
It’s in a beta state, don’t hesitate to test it.

Hi Jo_mi,

Thank you for reporting issue.

Your temp4K.j2k image has a Progression Order change marker (POC) which is currently not supported by nvjpeg2k.

We will fix it next upcoming release.

Thank you for your answer . Do you know if there is something that I can do myself modifying the binary stream in order to make it compatible with the current version of your library ?

Hi Jo_mi,

Modifying the binary stream wont help the POC marker it required additional handling in the nvJPEG2000 library.
You can add a fallback to openjpeg until we add the support for it.

As per JPEG2000 digital cinema:
For a 4K distribution, exactly one POC marker segment is required in the main header. No other POC marker segments are allowed. The POC marker segment ensures that all the 2K data precedes the 4K data in the codestream. In addition, within the 2K and 4K segments, all data for color component 0 precede all data for color component 1 which in turn precede all data for color component 2.

Hope this will help.

Thank you. I had a look to openjpeg, it seems quite complicated to try to build artificially a 4k (or 2k) stream compatible with your library !
And a simple openjpeg based decompression is not fast enough for my purpose.
I have to wait for the next release !
Btw, do you plan to release also a Mac compatible version ? and a Jetson version ? (our lab ImVia from University of Burgundy and enginneering school Esirem have some partnership with Nvidia, so I am interested also by this embedded platform)

I tried the 0.5.0 version of nvjpeg2k with a 4K image (from a DCP), and I have still the same problem : an unknown error (8). Is the POC supported now ? Thank you for your help.

It seems to be a general problem with DCI-compatible Jpeg2k. I cannot decode a 2K image too, the parser reports an error. (Tested with v0.6)
Please fix it, it would be a good use case for the library if DCP decoding would work.

Test Image 2K:
test_frame2.j2k (425.9 KB)

Finally it DCP decoding works with 2K and 4K using 0.6 version. I developped a free DCP player available on github using this library (code source and Windows binaries are provided)

Don’t hesitate to test it !