`nvmlDeviceGetGraphicsRunningProcesses` failed with Insufficient Size


I’m trying to use NVML APIs to obtain some information. when I call nvmlDeviceGetGraphicsRunningProcesses to get the running processes, it often prints an error named failed with Insufficient Size (7).. The source code is in here.

When I comment the above function nvmlDeviceGetGraphicsRunningProcesses, the output of memory usage is wired.

GPU Memory Total: 134217577 MB
GPU Memory Used: 0 MB

My testing environments are the following two machines.

machine 1:
ubuntu 22.04 X86_64, GTX 1650, driver 525.60.13, nvcc V11.8.89
machine 2:
ubuntu 20.04 X86_64, A5000x2, driver 520.61.05, nvcc V11.6.124

Do you have any ideas about this error?

Thanks for your help! It works.

For memory usage, the nvmlDeviceGetMemoryInfo_v2 always returns some wired numbers. But the nvmlDeviceGetMemoryInfo works well.

Do you have any ideas?

I ask ChatGPT to write the nvml API part. Obviously ChatGPT doesn’t know how to correctly use some APIs. :D

Yes. I did it in the code. But the results of nvmlDeviceGetMemoryInfo_v2 is different from nvmlDeviceGetMemoryInfo. For example, the GPU memory used is 0MB in the result of nvmlDeviceGetMemoryInfo_v2 but I do have some gpu processes. and the result of nvmlDeviceGetMemoryInfo is correct.

Thank you! all issues are solved.

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