NvOSD_LineParams in L4T Multimedia API Reference 28.2 Release

In Multimedia API Reference 28.2 Release,the osd api code in nvosd.h define the NvOSD_LineParams,NvOSD_ArrowParams,and funcation nvosd_draw_arrows,but not nvosd_draw_lines funcation ?how can i use NvOSD_LineParams to draw line…

int nvosd_draw_rectangles(void *nvosd_ctx, NvOSD_Mode mode, int fd,
int num_rects, NvOSD_RectParams *rect_params_list);

int nvosd_init_colors_for_hw_blend(void *nvosd_ctx, NvOSD_Color_info * color_info,
int num_classes);

int nvosd_draw_arrows(void *nvosd_ctx, NvOSD_Mode mode, int fd,
int num_arrows, NvOSD_ArrowParams *arrow_params_list);

int nvosd_draw_circles(void *nvosd_ctx, NvOSD_Mode mode, int fd,
int num_circles, NvOSD_CircleParams *circle_params_list);

There is no existing implementation for it. You may refer to this sample to use 3rdparty APIs:
Tx2-4g r32.3.1 nvivafilter performance - #16 by DaneLLL

You can call NvBufferMemMap() to get CPU pointer to the data.