NVPARSER: HEVC: Seeking is not performed on IRAP picture

I am using the Jetson NX decoding chip to retrieve an RTSP video stream in H265 format. During the decoding process, I encountered the error “NVPARSER: HEVC: Seeking is not performed on IRAP picture”. This error caused frame drops while receiving the video stream. The decoding plugin I am using is nvv4l2decoder from the DeepStream package. My Jetpack version is 4.6.4, and the DeepStream version is 6.0.
rtspsrc location=rtsp://admin:123456@ latency = 5 ! rtph265depay ! decodebin ! nvvidconv ! video/x-raw,format=(string)BGRx ! videoconvert ! appsink sync = false

The numbers in the figure represent frame numbers. When the error “NVPARSER: HEVC: Seeking is not performed on IRAP picture” occurs, the frame number will become 0.

For live streaming, seeking is not supported. It looks like certain information in the stream triggers the issue. Do you try other RTSP sources? Maybe it is specific to certain RTSP source.

I have tried different RTSP streams, but I encountered this issue with the nvv4l2decoder decoder. The omxh265dec decoder, on the other hand, seems to not have this problem, but it occasionally has decoding quality issues such as mosaic artifacts. Is this issue related to the video bitrate? Could it be a bottleneck in the decoding speed of the Jetson?

Please try this method:
[Gstreamer] stream drops a lot of frames after some hours later only with JVC camera - #10 by DaneLLL

If the h265 stream is valid and can be well decoded while using software decoder. And confirm hardware decoder cannot decode it well, please attach the stream so that we can check.

Thank you for your response. I have updated the Jetpack version to 4.6.2 l4t 32.7.2, and this issue has been resolved. I suspect that the problem might be related to version l4t 32.7.4, as I also saw related issues in the link you provided

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If r32.7.2 runs well without hitting the issue, you may use this version.

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