NVRTX5.2 and Caustics

Hello everyone, Unreal Engine has officially updated version 5.2, I wonder if NVRTX and Caustics branch will follow up with version 5.2 to provide the latest DLSS 3, and currently NVRTX branch will also report errors in Setup, using Unreal Engine to replace files, but still inexplicable errors will occur. I wonder if you can fix this problem, thanks

I also tested NvRTX5.1 and Caustics 5.1 and found that I ReSTRI GI cannot be enabled. Did you remove RrSTRI GI in the UE5 branch?

Hi @1922350855, welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

Right now we cannot share any news or ETAs on updates of the RTX branch(es), I am sorry. But if there is news wewill make sure to announce it on the relevant pages and here in the forums.

With respect to setup errors, would you be able to share some more detail on that?

And on the ReSTIR topic I reached out to more people to see if they can shed some light on this.


I have integrated AEC for Game into my own project and made a suitable interactive system for it. Oh, my God, I love nvidia. I am eagerly looking forward to Nvidia’s follow-up action in the UE field. Thank you!

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NvRTX Caustics branch is very close to be released, Restir GI is re-integrated, we made many improvements in that branch, so stay tuned!

It’s out:https://github.com/NvRTX/UnrealEngine/tree/NvRTX_Caustics-5.2

I encountered a lot of errors during the generation process, and I still had the same error when I tried to redownload the zip file.

There are many errors and warnings when compiling