nvtracker with custom object detector.

In the sample, nvtracker is downstream of nvcaffegie. Is there
a way to use nvtracker with an object detector other than nvcaffegie?
What metadata would be needed from upstream for nvtracker to work?

Also, what metadata does nvtracker send downstream?

Hi frederickk,

Nvtracker send object id to downstream.

BBOX is needed from upstream.

wayne zhu

hi i have the similar problem

i developed 2 plugins
the first plugin passed the bbox to nvtracker (downstream) to be tracked
the second plugin get the tracked object from nvtracker (upstream) and draw rectangle to tracked object


from plugin 1 i already passed BBOX into IVA meta (type NV_BBOX_INFO) to be tracked by nvtracker once every 5 frame,
but my plugin 2 didn’t seems to get any BBOX info from nvtracker

how can i access object id from downstream (plugin 2)?

Please check how gst-dsexample works. You should be able to get metadata by following it implementation.